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High Net Worth Divorce Attorney in Massachusetts

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Regardless of the value of assets, divorce can be complicated and difficult. However, when affluent couples divorce, the process can be even more complex and contentious. It is helpful to seek legal counsel from an attorney with knowledge of the issues involved in high net worth divorce cases. High net worth divorces are generally cases where the marital estate is over $5 million. At Angel Burke Law, our high net worth divorce lawyer in Norfolk County has effectively represented affluent couples during their period of division and transition. We can help you, too.

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Efficiently Resolving Complex Disputes

High asset divorces are frequently contested, as couples are often unable to come to an agreement about the division of marital property. Since Massachusetts is an equitable division, facts and interpretation play large roles in determining who gets what piece of the “pie.”

We assist clients with the division of all types of property and assets, including:

  • Business characterization and valuation
  • Investments
  • Stocks and Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)
  • Comingled separate property
  • Inheritance and Future inheritance
  • Interests in businesses or corporations
  • Rental income and other property that generates income during the marriage
  • Art collections, antiques, and other valuable property and assets

Get Advice from an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Our high net worth divorce attorney in Norfolk County offers effective legal representation and clear guidance about complex issues, such as asset characterization, asset recovery, property valuation, and tax planning.

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