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Handling Changes to Existing Child Support Orders

When a substantial change in circumstances exists from the entry of the last order or judgment, it may be possible to have child support payments increased or decreased. For example, when a job change or promotion results in a significant increase in income, child support payments may be increased. If the parent paying support becomes seriously ill or disabled, this may result in a reduction in child support payments. Parties can also come in periodically after the Child Support Guidelines change, typically every three years. For advice from a knowledgeable modifications lawyer in Norfolk County about your situation, call Angel Burke Law.

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Changing a Child Support Award

In general, in Massachusetts, a good reason must exist for the modification of a child support order, such as a significant change in circumstances or a substantial increase in expenses. The court must consider the change to be big enough to warrant the requested modification.

Changes that may affect a previous child support order include:

  • An increase or decrease in income of at least 25%
  • An increase in expenses, as the child grows older
  • A parent’s income or financial circumstances substantially change
  • The child develops special needs

Sometimes, parents make a verbal agreement to change the amount of child support payments. Disagreements often arise about the nature of the verbal agreement. Verbal agreements do not change an existing court order. Written agreements are important, but only a properly filed modification resulting in a different judgment is essential to protect the best interests of all parties. A signed court order from a judge is needed to avoid misunderstandings and disputes in the future.

How to Request a Modification

When circumstances change, one parent or the other may request a change to the existing child support order. The court that awarded the initial child support has the authority to make modifications. Our modifications attorney in Norfolk County can make a formal motion to the court on your behalf and show why modifying the existing order is necessary.

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